About GanjaCoin

GanjaCoin is not the first marijuana based cryptocurrency, but it is unique in its own way. GanjaCoin has the lowest supply out of all major marijuana cryptocurrencies. Also, although practically all the major competitors are run on proof of stake systems, GanjaCoin allows user to own masternodes to help secure the GanjaCoin network. The most unique value of GanjaCoin is the plan to open a marijuana retail dispensary where each gram of marijuana will be backed with the value of one GanjaCoin.

(EXAMPLE: Any marijuana consumer will be able to walk into our brick & motar location and exchange 1 GanjaCoin - MRJA for 1 Gram Medical Marijuana.)

Currently we back 1 GanjaCoin - MRJA to 1 Feminized Marijuana Seed.

GanjaCoin has opened a brick & motar smoke shop located in Fall River, Massachusetts. You are currently able to visit the store location or online store to spend your hard earned GanjaCoin on several products including CBD, Water pipes, rigs, grinders and much more!

What we Offer to our Customers

Who are extremely in love with cannabis.


Glass Products

We offer high quality glass at low cost to you. Check out our online store for more information.

CBD Products

We partner with top quilty CBD manufacturer to offer you the highest quality CBD products to meet your needs.

Masternode Sharing

We have taken the time to create this program for those that cannot afford the 30,000 MRJA cost to open a masternode or don't want to pay the server cost. We have implanted a program where you can pay 1000 MRJA and earn 3.3% monthly profits!

Discount for VIP members

We offer up to 10% discount on all glass and selected CBD products to our VIP members.

Fast Transactions

GanjaCoin Proof-of-stake system sends transactions at light speed.


Masternodes help secure our network and earn 85% of network rewards.

Masternode Sharing

We offer a simple masternode sharing program for all our users.

Commodity Backed

First Cannabis Crypto to be backed by seeds! 1 GanjaCoin (MRJA) = 1 cannabis feminized seed.

Physical & Online Store

We have a physical location called High Life Smoke Shop, were you can spend you hard earned GanjaCoin - MRJA . For all our out-of-state and oversea members we also have an online store.

Active Community

Join our active cannaibis loving community!