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Investment Opportunity for all not just the wealthy.

Servers have been upgraded, we are still working on fixing little bugs that happen from the swtich so some links may not work on the site such as the stores. Also we will have 2 dashboards 1 with the new MRJA and 1 with the old 420G so you will still be able to see your swaps. You can log in using your same username and password the new MRJA and it will connect you to your MRJA and 420G wallets

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Algorithm x11
Type PoW/PoS
Coin abbreviation 420G
Address letter i
Block reward 100 coins
Total coin supply 42 Million

PoS percentage 25% per year
Coinbase maturity 50 blocks
Target spacing 64 seconds
Target timespan 1 block
Transaction confirmations 90 blocks


1.As a coin holder you are staking your coins at a 25% rate! Banks cant beat it!
(Coins must be in desktop wallet to stake)

Vip Users can exchange 1 GanjaCoin for 1 Feminized seed - Valued over 20$ USD for 1 GanjaCoin

VIP is only $50 for lifetime access